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Merchant Features

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Web, IOS, and Android platforms for merchants (those you fulfill for or the team that oversees your own E-commerce operations) to place and review their orders.​

Location, location, location

Address Book

Customer location directory linked to mobile number – auto updated when actual delivery is done. ​

AI Satellite Location

COMET validates locations using satellite AI vision to cut issues down during normal operations​.

MSG Link

Allow recipients to track/manage orders with the ability to update location and make payments

Get ahead of the game

Customizable offering

Offer competitive pricing with ease that fits your client’s business model (Single orders, recurring orders & Bulk orders)​

AI Satellite Location

Out-of-the-box integration with Magento, Shopify & Woo Commerce in addition to a developer API portal.


Set up standards for seamless resolutions for the most common delivery issues to automate your work loads and communications.

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Get in the zone, stress free

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic view of orders status with nifty accurate dynamic ETA (estimated time of arrival)​

Order updates

Update order COD and/or location even after the order is out for delivery.

It's all about connectivity


Customize MSG content and event based on order status and conditions. ​


Access to all merchant APIs with documentation and code samples (APIs so potent you can build your own IP). ​

Make money move for you
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Get coverage purchased with unparalleled ease and affordability.​

Manage Invoices

Send to recipients to track/manage orders with the ability to update location and make payments.


View Order(s) COD and manage payment requests, offer collection with Multiple payment options (Online & in-person Card Or Cash).​

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