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A global new-age platform to optimize, and seamlessly orchestrate all logistical operations from end to end.
Who are we

What is COMET?

COMET is a PaaS to manage all processes related to First, Middle and Last-Mile logistics. 

A customizable yet ready out-of-the-box solution for complete transport management to automate your entire operation, COMET improves performance and maximizes output through resources and process optimization. 

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Dynamic Routing

Real-time decision-making to ensure you meet your SLAs regarding changing conditions, reducing CO2 emissions, and optimizing resources for a better UX.

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Automated Planning

Saving 30-40% compared to other TMS/DMS Solutions.

Reduce the need for back office (OPEX), manual uploads or WhatsApp groups.

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Operations Master

Plan, track, and manage all your operations from end to end, giving you unmatched oversight of data and helping you manage everything in one place using IoT. 

What it features

What it features

Discover the amazing capabilities of COMET 

Operational Portal

A web portal to manage all fulfillment and delivery operations with comprehensive APIs to offer full flexibility.

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Field App

iOS & Android applications that manage your couriers/drivers at each step with in-App routing/navigation, payments, and automated issues resolution so they never have to assume (or plan!) the journey by themselves, message, or call anyone.

Merchant Tools

No more emails; Web, iOS, and Android platforms for merchants (whether those you fulfill for or the team that oversees your E-commerce operations) to place and review their orders, cash out, pay bills, and acquire insurance.

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APIs Gateway

Offer all the components as APIs for integration with existing systems and automating workflows, or even develop your own IP. 


Your all-inclusive delivery management platform 

Use Cases

Use Cases

This solution can benefit any business looking for TMS/DMS automation. 

These are some of the use cases for COMET. 

First-Mile Delivery

COMET will act as a fulfillment center manager to plan your deliveries with multiple vehicle types and allow you to plan pallet/package loads according to the route. In addition, COMET provides a fully tailored solution that integrates seamlessly with your client’s business model.

Middle-mile Delivery

COMET smart dynamic solutions will enable you to anticipate and overcome any potential impediments by monitoring all planned routes through our live map view, In addition, it will dynamically modify the route of one or multiple vehicles to ensure shipments traverse throughout the supply chain efficiently.

Last-mile Delivery

Optimizing the last stage in logistics means ensuring your customers receive their orders, on time, every time. COMET allows you to optimize the productivity of your resources by automating the planning of your driver scheduling and distribution routes to maximize efficiency.

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